The '06 "100 Plus Hall of Fame"

In response to the "Bonus Offer," special recognition is given to these event participants

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Pre-Registration "Bike Riders" & Sponsors

J. Barry Sumner

Sponsored by:

Sumner Car Wash

Joseph & Jeri Stotlemyer

Sponsored by:

Greater Pittsburgh Police FCU

Glenn Buchheimer

Sponsored by:

Dennis Bickerstaff - Jim Falesnik - Don Fazenbaker - Rick Beatty- "Fred"

Soldier From The 128th FSB PA Army National Guard: 

Rob Grice - Jeff Deibert - Denny Steele - David Stohl - Tim Sheffey - Grant MacDonald - Patrick McMullen - Robert Kasinel - James Wasser - Paul F. Stewart, Jr. - David Hairhill - Bill Peterson - Tanovye - Paul Jesowicz II - Dave Zappa

Ralph Seifert

Sponsored by:

Ambridge Lumber Company

Rod Patterson

Bill & Denise Campbell

Sponsored by:

K&C Machine, Inc.

Rick Mihalik & Thomasine Hardy

Sponsored by:

Aliquippa Democratic Committee

Brian Tice

Sponsored by:

Extinguisher Systems Inc.

Johnny Lounder-American Realty Network

Anthony Sanvito-Sanvito Funeral Home

Dan Otto-DPD Inc.

Anthony Alsko

Sponsored by:

Marlene Marrek, Rose Henry, Sandy Kuzma, Cheyann Endsley

Frank Kleber, Shelia Bowser, Rick Butler, Pic N Sav

Sandy Ament, Amy Perroz, Suzy Sieger, Sean Alsko

Ray Rhines

Sponsored by:

Diana Phillips, US Liner Company, T. Moravck,

Lois Geetings, Phyllis Grubb, Mike Britian

Rich & Mary Pugh

Sponsored by:

Teamster Local 249

James R. Cochran

Sponsored by: - Beaver Co. Airport

Greg & Tina Smith

Sponsored by:

Walt Czartoryski, George Vorrias, Sandy Farrell, Arden Gill,

Rich & Deb Grigg, Noreen Walden, David Seevers,

Darrell Namie "Allstate", Susan DiCicco, Dawn & Moe Walker,

Vito Vigna Sr., Diane McKay, Pat & Carolyn Smith

Joan & Frank Krosky, Pat Weigle, Robert Ellefson Sr.

ZCA Corporation Employees:

Dan Casper, Frank Skrajny, Bill Hines, Frank Jonas,

George Doyle, Dan Baker, Jeff Smith, Jeff Conner.

Path Truck Line Employees:

Ron Simmons, David Rose, Ken Ulrich, Bruce Parent, Pat Valenti,

Willie Whitehair, Michael Boise, Johnothan Carroll,

Ron Millhorn, Ernie Freeman, John Capan, John Moran,

Joe Fridmann, Bruce Gray, Ron Wilkerson, Mr. Vanwagner

Chief J. A. De Simone & Mary Beth O'Hare

Sponsored by:

Homestead Police Department:

Chief De Simone, Mary Beth O'Hare, Joe Derry,

Brian Meals, Denise Kelly, Pat Odoski,

Vicci Kenna, John Sopcak, Shannon Tracy, Steve Adams,

Frank Snyder, Mike Pugliano, John Betarie, Ian Strang,

Matt Fusco, Kaschauers, Chris Mordaunt, Kim Havrilla

Allegheny Co. Police Narcotics:

Mike Feeney, John Love, Bob Young

ADA Debbie Jugan, ADA Statmiller, Parole Agent Kimmel

Judge Torkowsky, Pat Boyle

West Homestead Police Depart.:

Rodeny Steel, Jim Ferson, Adam Jonosko, Chuck Rozzo,

Attorney Judy Kastan, Attorney Bill Diffenderfer,

Attorney Ralph Karsh, Attorney Larry Sachs,

Allegheny Co. Police Dept. Narcotics:

Zena Jenkins, Det. Todd Naylor, Chris Abraham,

Cindy-Magisterial District Judge,

Mary-Magisterial District Judge,

Constable Grandetty, Eva De Simone, James Barna

Bill Walters

Sponsored by:

Palmiero Nissan

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