Disclaimers Rights & Privileges

In reference to Logo's, photos and images:

Images, logos and photos used in association with our memorial events, including the BRAVE Riders logo, are the exclusive property of the BRAVE Riders.  Any and all ownership, management rights and privileges associated with the display and use of these images, photos and logos is absolutely the responsibility of and at the sole discretion of BRAVE Riders Incorporated.  Use of, reproduction of, or replication of these images, logos and photos in any form with out the written permission of the BRAVE Riders is prohibited.

In reference to Sponsorship Opportunities:

Due to the nature of this event, we retain all rights on the use of a sponsor's name in connection with this event.  The BRAVE Riders host a memorial event and not a commercial venture.  Monies raised are donated to the listed beneficiaries.  If the level you have chosen entitles you to having your name on our event publications, some restrictions may apply due to the timing of your donation.  If a sponsor would like to use or display a logo as part of their advertising, it will be at the sole discretion of the event organizers, as to the size and placement of any logo.  This is to help expedite the promotion process, as time is of the essence and delays cause prime advertising windows to be missed.  Due to the unpredictable nature of the Internet, or in the unlikely event of technical difficulties, globally, locally or with the BRAVE Riders' web site, we will do our best to insure minimum delays or down time.