Many Thanks to everyone who has helped Honor and Recognize our Fallen Heroes

by their support and participation in past memorial events.
They are Fallen ... Not Forgotten

The BRAVE Riders and the Ride To Remember planning committee is greatly appreciative of everyone who has participated in any or all of the memorial events over the past.

Due to time constraints on many of our committee members, we regretfully announce that there are no events scheduled. 

This news comes with the encouragement for all of us to continue to show respect, honor and remembrance of our fallen heroes.

Thank you again, have a safe riding season.

 BRAVE Riders - Ride to Remember”

The BRAVE Riders extend our deepest gratitude to Law Enforcement, Firefighter & Emergency Medical Personnel everywhere; who at all times of the day and night stand alert & ready providing the emergency services necessary to protect our families, neighborhoods and communities.

 Pa State Trooper Cpl. Joe “Poke” Pokorny # 4648, EOW December 12, 2005
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Officer Michael Hartzell Youngstown PD


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In Memory of Officer Nick Uva

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